Range Rules

  1. All guns are to be treated as if they are loaded at all times with muzzles pointed in a safe direction
  2. Keep your finger away from the trigger until ready to shoot
  3. Do not point at anything you do not intend to destroy
  4. No one is allowed forward of the firing line while the range is hot
  5. No handling of guns if anyone is downrange including moving guns to/from vehicles  or cases
  6. All persons at or near the firing line are required to wear eye and ear protection during live fire
  7. Beware at all times of neighbor activities including
    1. Low-flying aircraft in the immediate vicinity
    2. Farming activities adjacent to the range
  8. Before commencing live fire:
    1. The live fire flag for that range must be raised
    2. Shooter or RO must be certain no one is downrange or forward of the firing line
    3. Shooter or RO must announce ‘Going Hot’
  9. All projectiles must impact a berm
  10. Shooters are responsible that no projectiles leave the range
  11. Shooters may only shoot toward the west
  12. No cross-lane shooting especially on the rifle range
  13. If you  are the last to leave the range, you are required to:
    1. Lock the restrooms
    2. Lower the live fire flag(s)
    3. Close and lock the gate
  14. Members are required to have your valid membership card visible while on the range
  15. Only designated steel, paper, or cardboard targets are allowed on the range.  Bottles and trash of any kind are strictly prohibited
  16. Non-exploding reactive targets are allowed provided manufacturer’s warnings are followed and projectiles proceed west
  17. Actions should be open or guns cased or holstered when moving to/from vehicles
  18. Do not place live ammo in any trash container
  19. You are responsible to pick up trash, hulls, and casings
  20. You are responsible to remove paper targets and cardboard backers when you are finished
  21. You are responsible to remove your staples from permanent target backers
  22. Members are required to notify any Club officer if:
    1. You determine there to be a safety hazard on the range
    2. You find the gate unlocked with no one on the ranges
    3. You witness a life-threatening unsafe act on the range
    4. A trash container or the dumpster needs to be emptied
    5. You identify a need for safety maintenance anywhere on the range
  23. If you plan to use the range while any scheduled event is underway, communicate with the Match Director (MD) or Range Officer (RO) prior to commencing fire.  In some cases, this requires authorization by the MD or RO
  24. Be respectful, courteous, and communicate with other range users as you arrive, depart, or have a need to go downrange if that presents a potential safety hazard