By Laws

Revised July 2, 2015
1. The name of the organization will be the Morgan County Gun Club, hereafter referred to as the Club.
2. The purpose of the Club will be to promote the shooting sports and firearms safety, enhance the shooting skills of those interested, and endeavor to alert the public to the enjoyments of the firearms fraternity, with a special emphasis on the youth of the community.
3. The Club will not endorse any political party or candidate.  However, nothing herein will prohibit members from expressing their views on any political issues.
4. The term of officers will be two (2) years, with a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms. Terms run from January 1, to December 31.
a) The maximum of two (2) consecutive term limits may be waived by the membership if there is a shortage or lack of willing volunteers, but only by a 2/3 majority vote, providing there is a quorum.
5. Election of all officers will be held in December at the regularly scheduled meeting with nominations coming from the floor.  President, Second Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer are to be elected in even years with First Vice President and Sergeant at Arms being elected in the odd years.
6. Any unexpired term will be filled at the next regularly scheduled meeting by normal administration and voting procedures, providing there is a quorum.
7. The duties of the officers are:
President:  Head of the governing body.  Communicate with members of matters concerning the Club, and May vote to break a tie.  Also see #4 under Committee
First Vice President:  Perform any and all duties of any Club officer upon their absence at Club functions.  Organize and carry out work details.
Second Vice President:  Perform such duties as required by the Club and assist all officers
Secretary-Treasurer:  Keep a record of proceedings of all Club functions.  Keep a membership roster posted and up to date.  Collect dues.  Work with Discipline Directors to establish viable public relations network in the community.  Keep a account of all funds received and dispersed.  Make a financial report to the members at all regular meetings.  Provide a yearly Financial Statement at the regular February meeting.
Sergeant At Arms:  Maintain order at all meetings.
8. In the best interest of the Club and for just cause officers may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of those members present, providing there is a quorum.
9. The Executive Board shall consist of all elected Club officers.
10. An Executive Board quorum shall consist of at least four (4) officers.
11. The Executive Board shall be empowered to make emergency decisions and decisions for the good of the Club.  These decisions will be reported at the next regular Club meeting, and will be binding unless overturned by a 2/3majority vote of the members present.  This vote shall be by secret ballot.
12. The President may appoint committees as deemed necessary and may also dissolve those no longer necessary.
13. All committee meetings will be open to the membership.
14. The Executive Board appoints Discipline Directors.  Their duties are to organize Club shooting events, maintain the highest levels of safety at shoots, send proceedings of activities to respective news media organizations, and manage the keeping of score cards in respect to classes.  The Director’s decision is final at respective functions.  Discipline Directors may appoint a Range Safety Officer for any event.  Range Safety Officers are to assist Discipline Directors at Club functions or perform the Discipline Director’s duties upon their absence.
15. Dues will be $100.00 per fiscal year and may be adjusted as needed by a 2/3majority after being presented to the membership in the previous meeting, that is,  there will be a month’s notice before a change in dues may be voted on.
16. Dues will be payable to the Club at the July meeting of each year and will be considered past due at the close of the August meeting.  Non-payment will result in the member being dropped from the roles.
17. Members dropped from the roles for non-payment of dues within one year may be reinstated if approved by the membership.
18. New member’s dues will be prorated as follows:  for the first six (6) months the fee shall be the full amount of normal dues, and for the last six (6) months the fee shall be one half (1/2) the amount of normal dues.
19. Membership will be determined by the Club.
20. A member must be at least twenty-one (21) years old, in good standing within the guidelines of the Club, have paid their dues in full by the end of the August meeting of each year.
21. Members must be able to identify themselves to other members with current membership cards
22. Associate membership is the wife or husband and immediate family members of a paid member.  Associate members may participate in all Club functions without paying dues.  Associate members may not vote in any Club business or at any meetings.
23. Junior associate members (under the age of 21) may not use the range facilities without adult member supervision.
24. Membership voting quorum will consist of twelve (12) members or 25% of the total membership, whichever is less.
25. Membership in the NRA or other sporting Club, IHMSA, SASS, etc. is recommended, but not mandatory.
26. Current card-carrying members must be present with any guests at all times on the Range.  Each member is limited to not more than five (5) guests at any one time.  Members are responsible for all of their guest’s actions and may ultimately face suspension or forfeiture of membership for any violations committed by their guests.
27. Range keys are member’s responsibility and may not be loaned to anyone.  Violation may result in forfeiture of membership.
28. Inappropriate behavior or safety regulation violation can result in suspension or termination of membership.
29. Active Military members in good standing who wish to utilize Club facilities will be given a courtesy membership and key when they are in town.  The gate key is to be returned to the Club before returning to active duty.
30. Proposed new members shall demonstrate knowledge of firearms either by being observed by a Member in good standing, Range Safety Officer, Discipline Director, or show documentation of proficiency in use and safety of firearms.
31. All proposed new members will fill out a complete membership application.  Failure to disclose any information required on the application is grounds for rejection of the membership application.
32. All proposed new members will undergo a background check through CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation).  Non-refundable fees for the background check will be collected from the prospective member at the time their application is submitted.  If the prospective member wishes, they may run their own background check through CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) at their own expense and submit it with their membership application.
33. A present member in good standing will sponsor proposed new members.
34. It is required that proposed new members attend the Club meeting when they are to be voted on, so that they may answer any questions that arise from the membership

35. General membership meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.  No official business may be conducted without a quorum.
36. Committee meetings will be held as deemed necessary at the discretion of the committee.
37. All meetings should follow Robert’s Rules of Order as much as possible.
38. Questions of procedure shall be addressed to the Sergeant-at-Arms.
39. Regular Shooting Events: 1st Sunday—Sporting Clays, 2nd Sunday—Open, 3rd Sunday—Defensive Pistol, 4th Sunday—F Class and 22 Bench rest, 5th Sunday—Open Shooting unless reserved by the Club.
40. The Youth Shoots will be the 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month.
41. The Range is under the direction of the Discipline Director during events or until the shoot is declared over.
42. Shooting events should be self-supporting.
43. No additional funds will be used for events unless approved by the membership.
44. All special events must be pre-approved by the membership.
45. Safety must be the most important item to members while they are on Club Property.
46. Every firearm shall be treated as a loaded gun.
47. Pointing a loaded firearm in any direction other than downrange will be considered a serious safety violation.
48. Accidents requiring medical attention shall be reported to an Executive Board Member as soon as possible and not later than 24 hours after such an incident.
49. Accidental Discharges MUST be reported to an Executive Board Member as soon as possible and not later than 24 hours after the incident.  A detailed report in writing will be required.  If necessary the Executive Board may hold an investigation into the incident.
50. Range Rules are posted and must be followed to the letter.  These rules are enumerated in the appendix.
51. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited at the range or any Club sponsored event involving firearms.  Any infraction of this rule is grounds for immediate termination of membership for all parties involved without refund of dues.
52. Any member who feels they have a grievance with another member or officer of this Club may address it by sending a written report of the facts of the grievance to any member of the Executive Board within 30 calendar days
53. The Executive Board must respond to the letter in writing or by telephone within 15 days of receipt of the letter.
54. If a member is not satisfied with the decision of the Executive Board, they may take the grievance to the membership at the next regular meeting of the Club.
55. Discipline Directors will pay their Match expenses from the income of the event.
56. Complete Match results and financial reports must be made available at the next regular Club meeting.
57. No special purchases will be made or moneys paid out without prior approval of the membership.  Some exceptions exist—see “Executive Board”.
58. A new lock will be placed on the Range gate immediately following the July Club meeting.  The old lock will be removed after the August Club meeting.
59. Restrooms will be re-keyed after the July Club meeting to the new lock key.
60. New keys will not be issued until the old key is turned in.
61. Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed at regularly scheduled Club meetings.
62. Proposed changes will them be sent by mail or e-mail, to all voting members.
63. The proposed changes shall be voted on at the next regular Club meeting, providing a quorum is present.